The Benefits of Microsoft Silverlight Development

With the Microsoft Silverlight web application, you will be able to unlock many of the functionalities that you typically get in some of the software tools such as Adobe Flash while at the same time being able to integrate graphics, multimedia functionalities, animations along with interactivity in one runtime environment. With Microsoft Silverlight training, consumers will be able to fully unlock the full benefits and features of Silverlight in their operating environment. Here are some of the many benefits that you will be able to derive if you learn to use the web application through Microsoft Silverlight training courses:

Get the Best Quality Video Experience: With Microsoft Silverlight, you will be able to see an impeccable quality of videos which have been embedded on websites which are highly graphical. Even Youtube does not come close. If you are not used to top quality web video experience, you will certainly feel the difference through the Microsoft Silverlight application development.  It is a whole world of difference!

You have a cross-browser and cross-platform tool: This is one of its many top advantages. By deploying Silverlight application development, you will have a robust platform in which you can build highly versatile web applications that can run on any OS or any browser.

Ease of Modular Development and Collaboration between Silverlight Developers and Graphic Designs: It is very easy for these two to work together when they are working with Silverlight. The developers can fully focus on the website backend while the designers work on the public facing website interface. This will be possible by leveraging the power of the XAML.

Silverlight is Cheap: One of the best advantages of MS Silverlight is that it is fairly cost-effective. It offers one of the cheapest options through which one can stream videos online without degradation in the quality. With Silverlight, you will get pure high-def quality in your web video streaming.It also offers web administrators very simple licensing procedures. All that you will need is an IIS on a Window Server.

Get adequate support for the 3rd Party Languages: The application platform offers this kind of third party support. There is the Dynamic Language Runtime feature in Silverlight which will allow the developers to use a variety of programming languages such as Python, Ruby or even the EcmaScript. If you a Ruby developer, you can easily build Silverlight applications while leveraging the .NET framework.

 It allows Mashup: Content providers in Silverlight will be able to have total control over their rich media content. With this, it will be very possible to easily stream broadcast stations and even TVs on the web with relative ease and high degree of video quality.

Get More Speed: Use of Silverlight will lead to a considerable improvement in speed for AJAX-enabled websites. This is because these websites are able to leverage the .NET framework.

Remote-debugging functionalities that are highly flexible: The remote debugging is not just cross-browser but also cross-platform. For example, you can easily debug an application running on a Mac from your Windows PC. You will be able to fully leverage all the features of the Visual Studio to carry out a variety of functions across platforms.

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