Each cell is launched with the goal of forming a daughter cell

Each cell member is equipped to form a new cell by penetrating his/her oikos (friendship and family circle).

All cells theoretically turn into leadership cells called G12’s

The goal of each Christian is to become a disciple and save at least 12 people during their lifetime. These 12 become a G12 cell and each of them in turn is trained to start their own G12 cells.

All believers belong to a G12 community and in turn develop their own G12 cell.

Note the involvement of time: Each member attends their weekly ‘mother’ cell and in turn runs their own G12 daughter cell. There are no lay – persons in a G12 cell church – only ministers.

Establishing Kingdom priorities will mean that we tithe our money as well as our time. A tithe of a week is about 17.5 hours, spread over the week averaging 2.4 hours a day. This should include travel time as well as meeting time.