G12 and Jethro models compared

The Jethro Model:
This is a model that is currently being used around the world for structuring the Cell Church. Its name is derived from the advice given to Moses by his father in law, Jethro. When the load became too heavy for Moses to carry on his own Jethro suggested that he should restructure Israel into groups of tens, fifties, hundreds, and thousands.
In the same manner the Cell Leader focuses on a group of ten,
The Zone Supervisor focuses on supervising five cells (fifties),
The Zone Pastor focuses on the “hundreds”

This model was introduced by Past. David Yonggi Cho in Seoul, Korea.

The “G12” Model:
This model recently emerged in Bogota, Colombia where Pastor C├ęsar Castellanos and his leadership developed it. (This is also know as the Group of Twelve Model.) After reaching a membership of 3,000 using the “Jethro Model” , the church plateaued and Pastor Castellanos sought for a way to break through this barrier. He studied the life of Jesus and was inspired by the way in which Jesus worked with a Group of Twelve and mobilised them into becoming leaders.