Budget Funeral Tips You Need To Learn

Funeral arrangements occur infrequently but they are one of life’s most expensive purchases. Just like planning a wedding, organizing for the funeral of a loved one can have a significant impact on your budget. While you want to give a befitting send off to your loved one, you need not break the bank to do it. You may join the bandwagon of budget funerals in Sydney. People in Sydney have discovered creative ways to honor their dead without having to call friends to raise funds or getting loans. So it is possible to arrange a decent funeral with the small budget you have. Here are the main aspects of budget funerals in Sydney.

Limit visitation and services

You might want to have visitation on the eve of the funeral but this is in most cases expensive. If it’s possible, consider having the visitation one or two hours before the funeral – this should have a lower charge. You can save further by skipping embalming. Embalming is not mandatory especially if the body has been in refrigeration prior to the viewing service.

Save some money on disposition

This is another aspect that characterizes budget funerals. You can reduce the cost of the funeral by limiting attendance at the graveside or crematorium. Another way of doing this is to have the family only at the burial then organize a large service at the church afterwards.

You might also want to consider cremation as an alternative to burial. Well, this is usually a deeply personal decision but it can make a huge difference in cost matters. Much of the funeral expenses come from the cost of the cemetery plot and casket. You don’t have to incur such costs in cremation which makes it much more affordable.

Choose reasonably priced funeral merchandise

First it’s about the casket. Whether you prefer wood or metal, there are low-cost materials for either of these materials. Nowadays there are caskets made of heavy-duty cardboard which actually look like wood yet cost much less. A “cloth-covered” casket is also a cheaper option. You can also save money on the vault. Many cemeteries require sealing of the graves with a vault to prevent sinking in. You may go for the cheaper options of the vault such as a plain concrete box. Better still, you can purchase a casket with a seal and save on a vault. When it comes to the urn, choose one made of man-made materials that resemble granite and marble. Provide your own urn instead of buying it from the cemetery.

Plan the funeral before death occurs

Another fundamental aspect in budget funerals in Sydney is to plan for a funeral before death occurs. You can save so much money by planning ahead of time. Many funeral homes in Sydney will waiver costs or offer price guarantees for people who prepay and plan beforehand. The interest accrued from the prepayments will take care of additional costs that will be incurred once the death has occurred. Another great idea is to buy the grave plot now because the prices, as with other things, will only go up in future.